Hygiene Processing

Organic products, like all food products, need to be processed and handled in a hygienic manner to ensure their safety and quality. The hygiene process for organic products commences at the farm level, where the crops or animals are raised, and extends through various processing, packaging, and distribution stages. The cultivators, packers, shippers and retailers all have a crucial role in ensuring the safety of products from the farm to the consumer’s plate.

We at Arokyasuvaiangadi take the responsibility of delivering nutritional selected products for our valuable customers. These products are acquired directly from farmers who have years of experience in producing organic products. It is then packed in clean containers or bags to prevent contamination. Eventually stored at the optimal temperature to prevent spoilage and contamination. We usually inspect them again to ensure that they are free from contamination before selling it to our consumers.

We never stop here; we go ahead in verifying whether our delivery partners are adhering to the hygiene protocols before handing over our products. This includes using temperature-controlled storage facilities and ensuring that products are transported in clean and well-maintained vehicles.

The hygiene processing at Arokyasuvaiangadi is designed in such a way that the products are processed, and handled in a safe and clean environment to maintain their organic integrity and safety for consumption.