About The Company

We https://www.arokyasuvaiangadi.com/ site is managed by SM WEB TECHNOLOGIES and recognised as an outstanding organic grocery store. As a youthful and dynamic enterprise, we aim to establish ourselves as pioneers in the organic food sector. Our products are crafted using natural farming techniques and certified to meet the standards of organic agriculture.


Our mission is to promote healthier living by offering authentic organic food to our customers. Our journey to provide organic products was seeded from our food and news website arokyasuvai.com which provided detailed information on food and health benefits since 2019. We strive to educate consumers about the advantages of organic food by providing them with healthy eating choices.


As we are spreading our wings, we made our organic products accessible through online organic stores, arokyasuvaiangadi.com. This website is a leading e-marketplace in India, and our proprietary e-commerce platform provides healthy ingredients delivered right to your doorstep. Our journey has been a revolutionary one, starting from sourcing organic food from a single farmer to building a community of agriculturists nationwide.


We provide a range of carefully selected and curated nutrition products, supported by prompt delivery and easy payment transactions. As we are managed by SM WEB TECHNOLOGIES, transactions are made in favour of  SM WEB TECHNOLOGIES  to avoid technical glitches.

We invite you to join us on another decade of consuming healthier food.